Jeffreys Copeland & Haemer's ``New Work'' Articles

This page contains a few things we've done separately since the end of the ``Work'' column that we think are interesting and worth sharing.

The same rules apply as for the original ``Work'' columns: We make no promises that any of this will be useful, but if you've read our columns and want to try out the software without having to type it in, here it is. You're welcome to use the code we've provided here for non-commercial purposes; for any other use, please contact us first. We also don't promise to support this software, but if you find it useful, or make improvements, or find bugs, please let us know — see below to send us e-mail.

The software is all in compressed Unix shar files. If you're on a Unix machine, decompress the archive using gunzip and execute the resulting shar file using your preferred shell to unfurl the archive. For example,

$ gunzip -c < foo.shar.gz | sh
If you're on a non-Unix machine, you may need to do some hand-waving to extract the code.

Here are the new articles:

You can send us each e-mail: Jeffrey L Copeland or Jeffrey S. Haemer. Or you can send us both mail at the same time.

This page was last updated 17 June 2021.